On a mission to help you be a better you.

Commit to yourself with @oumawellness


We exist to give people focus to make their own choices and power of agency.

Everyday we are met with endless decisions and influences. From minute interactions with others, to reflexive responses to notifications that sit at the of our palm on devices; constantly connected, and vulnerable to a steady stream of alerts that push us in one direction or pull us in another.


At OUMA, we aim to help people understand the importance of focus and control, the ability to filter and prioritise for clear decision making, rather than reacting to external forces and influences. OUMA exists to provide the daily focus and help people take ownership of their decisions, providing clarity for the day and path ahead.


High quality health products you can trust.

OUMA products are designed to boost your health, today. Founded in plant-based and specialty supplements, we bring fairly priced formulations designed to fit into your daily routine. We're about those small changes that help you create the day (and life) you want.